What makes Artisan Homes Different 


Our homes combine many ceiling heights, plant shelves and various ceiling treatments to create an interesting interior environment. Our rooms are inviting, intriguing and they are large enough to function properly. We have beautiful moldings for our homes that are pleasing and well finished, not to mention the plumbing fixtures coated to provide “lifetime use”. The cabinets we install utilize full extension, soft close ball bearing drawer glides and adjustable soft close door hinges. The exterior doors are clad with metal and are flush to the floor with granite sills. Our main entry door system is inviting and portrays obvious high quality. Our windows are spacious and abundant; they are well placed within the rooms and the exterior walls. The window frames and patio doors are metal clad on the exterior and wood on the interior. Our toilets have a skirted base and are equipped with soft close seats. The tile, granite, and marble floors, countertops and showers are all sealed with high quality sealer. We also offer custom design and build at no extra cost.


Artisan Homes can feature Insulated Concrete Form Construction the R value of the exterior walls are R- 33 or greater. The R value of the ceiling is R-60 or greater. Our windows meet or exceed an average of U – 30 efficiency rating (Lower U values represent more energy efficiency – (example: U-30 is more efficient than U-36, etc.) Your home can be heated by a gas forced air furnace system that is rated at 96% efficiency or greater. If you prefer your home to be heated and cooled by an air to air heat pump, it will be rated at 15 SEER or greater.  The water heating systems have energy efficiency ratings of 90% or greater. All appliances furnished with the home are energy star compliant. The homes are designed to be at least 40% more efficient than a home built to current Oregon codes. Our garages are fully insulated and conditioned with waste air from the air exchange system.


Artisan Homes includes a mechanical air to air exchange system that exchanges all the air in your home at least 8 times per day. This system also pre-conditions the outside air before it is introduced into the air handler. The ventilation systems included in our homes have high efficiency air purification and the ventilation ducts are sealed with mastic cement to eliminate air infiltration into the system, which also greatly reduces the loss of conditioned air. We use paint with low V.O.C. petroleum-free products and all carpets and pad materials are certified to minimize out gassing.


The exterior walls are sheathed with minimum 1½” thick polyiso foam. All our interior doors are solid-core (As opposed to hollow core). The bedrooms are designed to provide sound reduction to a sound transmission class (S.T.C.) rating of 49 or better. Our interior walls are finished with hand applied plaster, the sound transfer points such as plugs, ducts, etc, are fully sealed and the floors are designed to eliminate or minimize vibration (Acoustic floor). We also use ultra low sound exhaust fans to ensure a quiet environment.


Artisan Homes offers alternative materials that are utilized in the construction of our homes, see examples*. All of the framing lumber used in the home is purchased from a manufacturer/grower who utilizes environmental harvesting and growing practices. The on-site waste is always recycled when feasible, the home finished with low V.O.C./Low toxic paint and we make sure to select sustain-yield forest products when feasible.


  • Engineered wood beams
  • Engineered wood studs
  • Recycled steel studs
  • I.C.F. concrete wall system
  • Formaldehyde-free sheet goods