Tetherow House

This home was designed for clients with specific design goals, some of which were less than common.

One such request was for Artisan Homes to design a home which would appear transitional from the outside and classic modern on the inside.

Also high on the client’s list of needs was to have no steps, inside the home, garage, entry, patio or the landscaping. Fortunately, the mostly level view lot accommodates the no step concept.

It was important to maximize the mountain view to the west so a significant number of windows were designed into the west elevation but care was taken to minimize glare from the setting sun. In addition, an east facing “evening” patio was designed for afternoon and early evening entertaining. Having the larger patio on the east side of the home also provides a delightful morning experience.

Since the clients were down-sizing their home and property size from a large acreage to a ½ acre lot at Tetherow Golf Course, privacy and sound control were high on the their objective list.

The end result is a concrete framed home with exceptional insulation, superior sound control, no steps, a northwest contemporary exterior, classic modern interior.

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