In 1998 architect and author Sarah Susanka introduced an interesting concept to the American public . . .  design your home in consideration of your needs and your lifestyle; size is relative to needs. Her “Not so Big House” principles were well received and have become a movement within the U.S.

Working from Sarah Susanka’s concept of higher quality – less space we have developed a design-build model that follows the “Not So Big” philosophy.

To help lower costs without sacrificing the quality features that make an Artisan Home great, we created a template specifically engineered to keep the end cost low, quality higher, and the building process short and sweet. This template helps us design your home to fit your family’s needs, meet your sense of style, maintain the Artisan Homes level of features and still be within Central Oregon’s average new home costs.

All of the “Artisan Advantages” apply to the “Not So Big Building System”.

I.C.F – Building System

In addition to the numerous advantages outlined on the “Why Artisan” pages, there is more!

  • Quick start: Once you give us your design goals, we can have an initial design draft ready for your review in just a few weeks.

  • Financing: We will prepare all the construction documents the bank will require and submit them directly to the bank.

  • Prequalification of materials:  We help control the final cost of your home through a prequalification process. You will have many materials from which to select, but all of them will be screened to offer excellent service and fit within your budget.

  • Faster Finish:  The plans are simple and straight forward. In most cases we can reduce construction time by months.

  • We finish everything:  When we leave the house, you can bring your furnishings in and begin enjoying your brand new home!

  • Big range of home sizes:  From about 1,500 sq. ft. plus two car garage to 2,500 sq. ft. with 3 car garage and shop . . . ., you choose what you need.

  • Best home for your comfort and your long term investment:  Check the Artisan Advantages pages again. The items listed there are really meaningful. The extra steps we take for your benefit are about a mile long!

  • Region Wide:  We can build where you need in most of Central Oregon.

Our “Not So Big” program incorporates all of our superior building techniques, advanced materials, design philosophy, administration and personnel into a tightly controlled process dedicated to provide our client’s the most comfortable, efficient and enjoyable home they have ever owned . . .  all at an affordable price . . .. starting at about $350,000.00.

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