Lost Tracks House

Designed and constructed by Artisan Homes and Design.
Golf course setting with views of course and Cascade Mountain Peaks

Aspen Lakes House

Designed and constructed by Artisan Homes and Design. Lake front setting with golf course views

Broken Top House

Designed and constructed by Artisan Homes and Design.
Spacious level building site at Brokentop Golf Course

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Who does not want a house of his/her dreams? Yes, everyone! However, we all know how much of a hassle custom homes can be. It requires a good amount of attention and management which everybody simply does not have the time for. This is where custom house building enters. With the help of a professional, you can make your dream come true. Just like artists, for builders, a custom home is just like a bare canvas. They are qualified, experienced, and interested in painting that canvas with all your favorite colors. If you are still unsure about hiring a professional, following are some reasons, which will help you come to a conclusion:


If you purchase a house that is already built, you do not get the choice of eliminating spaces that you will not really need but in a custom made home you are the decision-maker of each wall and brick and you pay only for what you use. All of the money is spent exactly where you specifically want it to be. Furthermore, your builder will have complete transparency regarding budget and finances, which will lead him to provide you with a design that will be thoughtfully designed just according to your needs and demands. 


A custom home builder ensures that you will have to contact only a single person for every specification, query, and additional demand. However, if you opt for customizing your home yourself, you will have to face the overwhelming chain of contacting multiple individuals for every other situation. Furthermore, if you work with a builder he will ensure that you have a comfortable space for voicing your concerns and plans.


A builder comes with his/her whole team. If you opt for an efficient builder, you will not have to worry about hiring a team of designers, architects, contractors individually. Not to mention, the risk of them not getting along and being able to coordinate and work with each other. A builder’s team consists of experts who have past experience in working together, ensuring a smooth ride. 


An experienced and reputable company like Artisan homes and design has a team of experts and professionals who are more than eager to bring your dream home to life. We are one of the most prominent home builders in Bend Oregon. They are aware of all shortcomings and potential pitfalls, which occur in home building and are now prone to using the best practices in order to overcome them. We work with high-quality materials, which are also cost-effective. We aim to build homes, which are top-notch and will not require much maintenance in the future. A custom home builder’s livelihood depends upon your satisfaction, which is exactly why they leave no gaps in your home’s design.


This is one of the most important reasons to go for a custom home builder. A home should feel like a safe space and give you a sense of control and ownership and Artisan Home and Designs intend to do just that for you. A custom home can be made just about anywhere you like. It can even have the direction, which you like. For example, if you want a west opening for the sun to shine on your balcony, we can even build that. It is completely up to you to have a home with high ceilings and flowing themes or a cozy cottage vibe with a central old school touch. You name it and we will build it!


We do not believe in building houses, we aim to create homes. We are fully committed to building a space that will make you want to spend a little more time with your family or yourself instead of heading out on weekends. From Lake Houses to Broken Top houses, we can create just about anything you like. Our builders have years of experience and expertise providing you with high-quality results at reasonable prices. After all, a home stays with you for almost your whole life and that is why you should build it with love, care, and most importantly fun.

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