custom homes bend salem oregon
custom homes bend salem oregon

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Artisan Design Studio

design studio

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Two pathways to your Artisan home

artisan custom homes bend oregon

choose the best approach

Building a home is not just about engineering and construction. It’s about creating a space that is perfect for how you live, work and play.

Because we’re sensitive to the different perspectives people carry when beginning the adventure of building their home, Artisan has developed two distinctly different pathways to reach your goals.

artisan unlimited

Our customary design-build process actively calls upon your attention over the course of the entire project because it’s a collaborative process.

We consult with you frequently, confirming your choices every step of the way, accomplishing your vision one step at a time.

artisan advance

An alternate design-build process, the Artisan Advance is ideal for those who want a more structured and timely consultative phase; determining design materials at the inception of the project, then leaving the rest to us.

Artisan Advance provides an up-front predictability that many find reassuring: final price, specifications – everything is detailed before you sign the construction contract.

Working with Artisan

from concept to completion

Our design studio is where your inspiration shapes reality – your dream home takes shape. Together, with our design-builder and interior designer, we’ll put your ideas into form, creating a home that’s all you.

It’s a collaborative process. At Artisan, you’ll find designers with whom you’re comfortable and with whom you’re sure your vision is valued.

artisan custom homes bend oregon

We bring years of experience in building and design, materials and finishes, trends and Northwest style to the table. We add thoughtful details which will make your everyday life at home easier; and isn’t that the point of owning a custom-built home?

Only you can decide the details of your home. Our job is to implement your inspiration, and along the way we’ll show you options you may not have considered

artisan custom homes bend oregon

working with a design builder

By integrating design and construction, a design solution is created that realizes your vision, accommodates your particular needs, and stays on budget. Construction flows smoothly with continuous communication.

artisan custom homes bend oregon

“Few builders have a full-time, in-house interior designer. My goal is to create beautiful, cohesive and truly unique interiors that accentuate the architecture.”
– Suzanne Marie Denning, Award-winning Interior Designer

building with artisan

Once the conceptual work is behind us, our building talent takes center stage.

Throughout our years working in central Oregon, we’ve gathered together a select group of tradesmen and craftspeople who reliably deliver quality product.

artisan custom homes bend oregon

“An Artisan Home is designed to surpass every other home in its class in special features, energy efficiency, attention to detail, minimum long term maintenance costs and quality of materials and craftsmanship.”
– Master Builder Don Denning

artisan custom homes bend oregonOur relationships with these local tradespeople keep every project running smoothly, on time and reliably on budget.We couldn’t accomplish what we have without the skills of these construction craftsmen. Our job sites are a who’s-who of local talent. You’re getting the best – in every corner of your new home.

It all starts with a conversation.

We’ll start by listening to you and answering your questions.

Let us know what has captured your imagination – and we’ll show you just how close you really are to having the home you’ve always wanted.

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Contact Artisan for information or a consultation.

artisan design studio, bend oregon

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